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If you feel anxious, nervous, or afraid to ask for a donation, in-kind gift, major gift, or monthly partnership, then check out the How To Ask For Donations Without Anxiety guidebook for practical tips on how to gain confidence in your role as a nonprofit fundraiser. 

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Welcome to Rise Consulting Group, LLC

Are you a part of a start-up that has a lot of passion behind its purpose but after a few months “in the game” you recognize the need for focused coaching to bring the long-game strategy you need to life?

Perhaps you are a member of a nonprofit that is looking to raise more funds and create a revenue generation plan that will take your mission to the next level but you’re unsure how to expand pathways.

Maybe your organization is going through an evolution in growth and you can use some guidance in the process of assessing capacity, evaluating systems, and revisiting your business plan to make sure your infrastructure can accommodate growth.

Or, it might be the case that you are part of an agency that is looking to pivot which means re-branding and you can use some coaching through the process of marketing campaign development.

Whether you are in the entrepreneurial, small business, or nonprofit sector, the common denominator is this: the desire to make a positive impact on the local community while managing a successful operation.

Depending on the life-cycle and size of your organization, the needs will fluctuate. There will be times when an outside coach is a beneficial partner to help your business grow because you are just too close to it, and like a laser, an outside perspective helps to cut straight to the heart of the issue allowing new opportunities to emerge.

I welcome the opportunity to support you and partner with your amazing mission.

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