Hi! I am Susan Tripi DeLano, a nonprofit coach and founder of Rise Consulting Group, LLC.


My passion is simple: to equip the change-makers of this world with the

 Vision to dream big and push for next-level growth 

Tools to create an effective revenue generation plan

Strategy to achieve it all

  With more than 20-years of direct service in the nonprofit, retail, and small business sectors, I have experienced it all and as a result, I learned the systems, strategies, and structures that lead to stagnation or success -- regardless of agency size, capacity, or revenue. 

Through direct coaching and virtual services, Rise Consulting Group, LLC delivers quality expertise and proven techniques related to operational management, brand marketing, communications, revenue generation, team development, strategic planning, and more.



Team Approach

Collaboration is a core value. Effective solutions do not come in a vacuum but when personnel come together to brainstorm and hold honest discussions for the betterment of the organization. The approach to find the right solution is simple: lead with transparency, welcome every voice, and keep an open mind for creative solutions.


Why Rise?

If you are looking for effective systems, proven strategies, cross-team collaboration, and practical resources designed to increase your organization's capacity, delivery, and fiscal viability, then contact Rise Consulting Group today.

My Journey as a Nonprofit Leader, Fundraiser and Coach


My journey in the nonprofit sector truly began at a young age. An avid reader from the age of five, I remember feeling drawn to stories that championed overcoming hardships, expressed importance for caring for animals and the environment, and valued the power of common purpose to enact change.

A sociologist at heart, books transported me to foreign lands, historic times, and present realities that were so very different from my own experience. It was in the formative years of elementary school that I learned about the atrocity of apartheid in South Africa; the genocide of First Nations tribes across the United States; the abusive conditions in the foster care system; the plight of homeless youth in New York City; inhumane conditions on factory farms; and the destruction of one of the Earth’s most precious resources: the rain forests.

All of this knowledge fostered within me a deep commitment to advocacy; an appreciation for the diverse range of human experience; and a desire to be a compassionate bridge-builder and peace-maker.

With an internal driving force to improve the quality of life for others in a way that subversively dismantles the structures that maintain division, distance, and marginalization, it made sense that the nonprofit sector became my avocation in life.

Throughout my career, I held every position imaginable: from intern to Volunteer Coordinator to Public Relations Manager, all the way up to executive level positions such as Development Director, Regional Director, and Executive Director — and I have seen it all!

In my early years as a nonprofit fundraiser I felt frustrated, overwhelmed, and exhausted. This put a drain on my time, my energy, and my ability to cultivate new donors.

When it comes to lack of financial resources, I get it. I know #thestruggleisreal 

At times the struggle to raise funds consumed me causing many restless nights. After all, how could I help a nonprofit improve the quality of life for its clients if I wasn’t able to bring in the money needed to help fund the mission?

I often found myself asking this question: what needs to change in order to transition the organization from being “scarcely funded” to generating sustainable revenue? Noticing I wasn’t alone, I began to investigate why so many nonprofits struggle to raise the funds needed to maintain programs and expand operations.

• I read books, articles, and blogs  

• I spoke with my peers 

• I surveyed nonprofit leaders and volunteers and donors  

• I sought mentors (and asked a lot of questions)

• I attended conferences and workshops

And through all of this experience, observation, study, and research I developed a strong handle for the systems, strategies, and structures that lead to stagnation or success regardless of an organization’s size, capacity, or budget.

I studied and learned the techniques and strategies to create an effective fundraising plan that produces results – and the path to sustainability became a reality.

I know what it’s like to make the shift from “stuck” to gaining momentum in fundraising – and the effort it takes to pivot.

Fast-forward 20 years, and my areas of nonprofit specialty include: Revenue Generation. Capacity Building. Creative Partnerships.

Throughout my career I have helped nonprofits to: 

  • Raise millions of dollars thru direct appeal, monthly giving, and major gifts.
  • Reclaim half-a-million dollars in designated funds through bequests and planned gifts.
  • Secure hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in foundation funding.

I have also:

  • Developed creative partnerships with national corporations to support local nonprofits. 
  • Been featured in local and national media outlets. 
  • Created an online program to teach nonprofit leaders how to implement and manage a successful recurring gift campaign. 
  • Formed my own consulting company through which I have the joy of working with nonprofits across the globe to help them transition their fundraising efforts from under-resourced to generating ongoing support.

My passion is simple: to equip nonprofit leaders with the tools and strategies to raise more money so they can increase impact.