Hi! I am Susan Tripi DeLano, Nonprofit Coach and founder of Rise Consulting Group, LLC.


My passion is simple: to equip the change makers of this world with the:

 Vision to dream big and push for next-level growth 

Tools to create an effective revenue generation plan

Strategy to craft a well-formed business plan to achieve it all

  With more than 20-years of direct service in the nonprofit, retail, and small business sectors, I have experienced it all and as a result, I learned the systems, strategies, and structures that lead to stagnation or success -- regardless of agency size, capacity, or revenue. 

Through direct coaching and virtual services, Rise Consulting Group, LLC delivers quality expertise and proven techniques related to operational management, brand marketing, communications, revenue generation, team development, strategic planning, and more

Team Approach


Collaboration is a core value. Effective solutions often do not come in a vacuum but when personnel come together to brainstorm and hold honest discussions for the betterment of the organization. The approach to find the right solution is simple: lead with transparency, welcome every voice, and keep an open mind for creative solutions.

Why Rise?


If you are looking for effective systems, proven strategies, cross-team collaboration, and practical resources designed to increase your organization's capacity, delivery, and fiscal viability, then contact Rise Consulting Group today!