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Monthly Donor Masterclass, online course

Are you tired of feeling stuck in your nonprofit's fundraising efforts because you are gaining little traction when it comes to growing a committed donor base?

Are you casting a wide net but seeing little return in financial partnerships? 

Have you found that annual events or appeals are just not generating the revenue needed to sustain operations?

Do you dream about all the amazing ways you could serve your clients better if funding was available but are unsure how to pivot from inconsistent revenue to a steady flow of donations?

It’s time to stop spinning your wheels when it comes to fundraising. 

The answer is not in working harder, my friend. The answer is working smarter by following a proven system that offers results.

How would it feel to have a successful monthly giving program in place with:

  • practical system that will allow your nonprofit to generate predicatable revenue, every month.
  • A reliable system that builds in capacity support by assembling a team -- no matter your agency's size or budget.
  • A manageable system that will create a pipeline of donor prospects as you learn the tips and techniques to inspire new donors to partner with your mission.

Through the Monthly Donor Masterclass online course you will learn the 6 steps to implement a fundraising strategy that will allow your nonprofit to tap into stable, ongoing revenue!

Empowering Nonprofits To Raise More Money

Catherine, President (Raise Your Voice St. Lucia, Inc.)


 "We are using what we learned in the course as a step-by-step guide to set up a fundraising committee with what we believe are the right persons, a confidentiality agreement for all our volunteers, designed a fundraising guide and appointing a new Board as we realized that all of these factors must work together in an effort to raise funds to continue our work."

Sally, Executive Director (Future Hope and Healing Center)


"Having all the information I need in one place has freed my mind to be able to think outside of the box to find solutions the work for my organization. Since I see the big picture and I now have the details to bring my vision alive, I feel much more confident in approaching individuals, small businesses and large corporations to ask for the funding we need to open an emergency shelter for victims of domestic abuse where they can find safety and healing." 

Wendy, President (Strength Behind The Blue)


"We are elbows deep into strategic planning for next year and as a result of taking this course, are excited to be able to incorporate a recurring gift campaign into the plan. We have a couple of new programs that we will need funding for so this will really help us throughout the year and further."