Nonprofit Revenue Revamp Coaching Program

Are You Ready To Raise More Money For Your Nonprofit?

Get ready to raise more money for your AMAZING nonprofit by making the shift to sustainable fundraising strategies designed to increase monthly revenue.

Hello Nonprofit Fundraiser! 

I know your heart --- you are involved in the nonprofit sector because you have a burning passion to make a difference in this world. This is the reason why you started your nonprofit, or why you are part of a wonderful team with a nonprofit that resonates with you. You dream of growing and expanding programs so you can have a greater impact but the one thing you were not prepared for: fundraising.

Fundraising is your kryptonite. 

In spite of your best efforts to secure donations for your AMAZING nonprofit you are frustrated by the lack of financial resources available. You feel as if you are constantly spinning your wheels but gaining little to no traction when it comes to growing your nonprofit's base of donors and financial partners.


  • You are passionate about your nonprofit but struggle to raise the money necessary to fully fund your operations
  • You are investing your own money in order to keep your nonprofit afloat and realize this is not sustainable for you or the organization
  • Lacking a Fundraising Plan is hurting your bottom-line but you are uncertain where to start when it comes to creating a sustainable revenue plan
  • You have adopted a practice of approaching anyone and everyone for donations because you are unsure of how to identify the right donor audience for your nonprofit
  • You recognize the annual event and appeal is not generating enough revenue to make an effective impact but you lack a strategy for expanding fundraising efforts beyond them
  • The long hours you devote to fundraising, both in and out of work, is putting a strain on your marriage and family time for which you are ready to draw some boundaries
  • Lacking an effective donor cultivation strategy is costing you thousands of untapped dollars in lost revenue every year for your nonprofit

Stop scrambling to build sustainable fundraising practices and imagine IF:

  • You have a growing and committed base of monthly donors
  • Your meetings with donors lead to financial partnerships
  • You know where to find new donors to build your support base
  • You are able to expand beyond the annual event to include multiple reliable funding sources that can be leveraged to generate ongoing revenue

If this sounds like you, then you have found the answer to your fundraising frustrations. 

I have your back. 

If you are ready to revamp your nonprofit's fundraising efforts from scattered and inconsistent to reliable and sustainable, then you are in the right place! 

The Benefits Of Nonprofit Revenue Revamp


Transition your nonprofit to a fundraising strategy using proven techniques to increase donations and raise more money.


Keep your hard-earned money in your own pocket! Discover how to connect with the right donor audience, leading to more financial partnerships and revenue.


Conduct a full assessment of your nonprofit's fundraising activity and donor cultivation plan to pinpoint growth areas in order to effectively increase revenue.


Discover easy ways to increase capacity support and build a team around you so that you can get back time for work-related priorities, family life + relationships, and personal enjoyment.

Revenue Generation

Learn how to focus on sustainable revenue generating options that increase the flow of predictable income and reliable donations for your nonprofit.


Learn how to gain exposure in your community through the formation of creative partnerships so that you continuously expand your nonprofit's circle of donors (and volunteers).


Hi! I'm Susan! Nonprofit Leader, Fundraiser & Coach


My passion is simple: to equip the change-makers of this world with the:

  • Vision to dream big and push for next-level growth 
  • Tools to create an effective revenue generation plan
  • Strategy to achieve it all

With more than 20-years of service in the nonprofit sector, I have experienced it all. I know what it’s like to wear many hats -- from volunteer coordinator to development director to executive director (and every role in-between!). I have learned the systems and strategies that lead to stagnation or success -- regardless of agency size, capacity or revenue.

When it comes to a lack of financial resources, I get it. I’ve been there. I understand the long hours, the resourcefulness of stretching every dollar, the embarrassment of returning to that anonymous “bail out” donor for one more donation. At times, this struggle consumed me, causing many restless nights. 

I often found myself asking this very question: What needs to happen in order to transition the organization off the “cycle of starvation” and onto a firm path of generating sustainable revenue?

I discovered several powerful insights, one in particular that gave me the answer I was looking for and that ultimately changed the way I viewed fundraising. I discovered that many nonprofit leaders accept a deeply entrenched myth that is crippling growth  this sector: the belief that scarcity is a part of nonprofit realty.

What changed for me was recognizing that scarcity does not have to be the reality.

Once I realized this truth, my outlook shifted. I studied and learned the techniques and strategies to create an effective fundraising plan that produces results -- and the path to sustainability became a reality.


I studied and learned the techniques and strategies to create an effective fundraising plan that produces results – and the path to sustainability became a reality. I know what it’s like to make the shift from “stuck” to gaining momentum in fundraising – and the effort it takes to pivot.

Throughout my career I have: 

• Raised hundreds-of-thousands of dollars thru direct appeal and monthly giving.

• Reclaimed half-a-million dollars in designated funds through bequests and planned gifts.

• Secured hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in foundation funding.

• Developed creative partnerships with national corporations to support local nonprofits. 

• Been featured in local and national media outlets. 

• Created an online program to equip fundraisers with the tools and system they need to manage a successful recurring gift campaign. 

• Formed my own consulting company through which I have the joy of working with nonprofits across the globe to help them transition their fundraising efforts from under-resourced to generating ongoing support.

Generating the revenue you need to succeed does not have to be stressful or overwhelming. The process should be fun and exciting, drawing from your best energy and creativity.

I believe in creating easy systems that produce results. And, I believe in implementing systems that increase efficiency, capacity, and resources. With the right tools you can generate ongoing financial support for your nonprofit in a way that is easy to manage.

1. Personalized Support

  • Monthly Planning Sessions (60-90-minutes, via Zoom)
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions (30-45 minutes, via Zoom)
  • Email Access (Mon - Fri, daily hours)
  • Weekly "office hours" (via Voxer)
  • Resources and Materials

2. Nonprofit Portfolio Assessment

We will start with a full review of your nonprofit's founding, organizational, and fundraising documents to assess mission alignment. From there, we will develop an action plan to create any missing documents.

3. Nonprofit Financial Review

A thorough assessment of your nonprofit's financial statements will be conducted to determine the fiscal health of the agency and to uncover any level of deficit that may be present.

4. Donor Activity + Revenue Assessment

A full audit of your nonprofit's fundraising materials will be conducted so that tailored recommendations and action steps can be provided. Through this process we will

  • Assess fundraising shortfalls and determine steps to bridge the revenue gap
  • Identify viable short-term and long-term revenue generation strategies
  • Develop an action plan

5. Revenue Generation Plan

A review of your nonprofit's Fundraising Plan and revenue generation documents will be conducted coupled with a strategic revenue session with your team to discuss viable, sustainable fundraising options. (If your nonprofit lacks a Fundraising Plan, then we will spend time reviewing the components of a successful Revenue Generation Plan). To make the financial shift from under-resourced to sustainable, we will synthesize all of the information learned through the coaching process and create a Revenue Generation Plan that will incorporate a fundraising strategy to put your nonprofit on a solid path to sustainable income.

6. Capacity Assessment

In order to achieve long-term success, every nonprofit must have a clear strategy for turning the two critical needs of revenue and capacity into viable and flourishing resources that support the agency. We will identify the gaps when it comes to human capacity needs and explore creative ways to bridge those gaps by building a network of ongoing support right in your geographic area. 

Enroll now in the Nonprofit Revenue Revamp Coaching Program

Raise more money for your nonprofit by making the shift to sustainable fundraising strategies designed to help you find more donors, increase monthly donations, and generate reliable, predictable revenue.