Direct Services

Rise Consulting Group, LLC offers coaching packages that are individually tailored to the unique needs of each client. The timeline for delivery can range from 3 months to 12 months, depending on project scope.


Virtual Services

In addition to direct coaching, Rise Consulting Group, LLC produces a series of helpful webinars, online courses, and virtual cohorts that are offered online.

Specializing In ...

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Plan serves as the overarching vision for every social enterprise, nonprofit, or business venture. It is the road-map by which an agency weighs opportunities, navigates partnerships, and expands operations and program growth. “Winging it” is a sure-fire way to end up off-road and stuck in the ditch. I'll walk your leadership team through the process of creating a fully executable Strategic Plan or revising your current plan to evolve with organizational growth. 

Revenue Generation

To make the shift from underperforming to sustainability, I'll walk your team through the process of assessing revenue shortfalls, analyzing the financial status, and identifying capacity needs to create a revenue generation plan that works for you. Perhaps you are looking to expand fundraising or revenue options? If so, I'll collaborate with your team to revise your current plan to include additional funding streams. 

Branding + Communication

Clear and consistent brand messaging is essential across all channels to ensure a unified voice is maintained when sharing with your audience. I will collaborate with leaders in your teams to identify your agency's values and the top areas of impact as a means to develop a full communication package around your efforts as part of your brand identity in the digital space. 

Board Development

Fostering an authentic, transparent, and supportive relationship between the Board and CEO will save your social enterprise or nonprofit thousands of dollars in attrition costs as well as prevent the operational, programmatic, and financial stagnation that occurs when the Board and CEO are misaligned. Together, we will identify gaps in: roles, information, capacity, and resources, with the goal of developing a plan to foster better communication between the Board and CEO so the agency can thrive in all areas of operation.

Partnership Development

Whether a nonprofit, social enterprise, or small business, there are many intentional ways to foster cross-sector partnerships that further your reach, mission, purpose, and growth. I will help your team to think outside the box when it comes to brainstorming creative partnership opportunities that are a win-win all around, and then develop a strategy to build those relationships.

Capacity Building

In order to achieve long-term success, every organization must have a clear strategy for turning the two critical needs of revenue and capacity into valuable and flourishing resources that support the agency. Together, we will identify the gaps when it comes to human capacity needs and explore creative ways to bridge those gaps by building a network of ongoing support right in your geographic area.